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Javanese Calendar

A Timeless Legacy

Many foreigners found difficulties matching their visit schedule to traditional  occasions, rituals, or ceremonies during their visit to Jogja and many other places throughout Indonesia. It is due to Javanese traditional ceremonies still putting in use the calculation based on traditional lunar calendar system, namely Hijriah calendar.

This calendar system is principally Hindu’s Saka calender with Arabic names. derived from Islam tradition. It was Sultan Agung, the greatest Mataram king, who changed the traditional Saka calendar into Mataram’s official calendar system in 1625 AD. Prior to great change, he made great effort to adopt newly arrived Islam influnce into strong rooted Hindu’s Saka calendar.

He officially named the system Hijriah calendar with so called Islam-Javanese name of the months, yet the starting the year with 1547, the number continuing the counting of Saka calendar. He also unofficially maintained traditional cycles from Saka calendar of Pasaran (week), Mangsa (month), and Windu (8-year cycle) by providing certain equivalence.

Today, Indonesia officially adopt international gregorian calendar, however, in favor to traditional culture of the largest communal groups in the country, printed calendar mostly provide information regarding equivalence of Gregorian date to its Hijriah counterpart.

Here are some details in Javanese calendar;


Month 1 : Sura

Month 2 : Sapar

Month 3 : Mulud

Month 4 : Bakda Mulud

Month 5 : Jumadilawal

Month 6 : Jumadilakir

Month 7 : Rejeb

Month 8 : Ruwah

Month 9 : Pasa

Month 10 : Sawal

Month 11 : Sela/Dulkangidah

Month 12 : Besar/Dulkijah

Days in Gregorian Week

Sunday : Minggu

Monday : Senin

Tuesday : Selasa

Wednesday : Rabu

Thursday : Kamis

Friday : Jumat

Saturday : Sabtu

Days in Saka Week (Pasaran)






As Hijriah year is shorther yet independent from Gregorian calendar, traditional ceremonies in Yogyakarta and places throughout Indonesia shift every year. However, The Indonesian Tourism Board or tourism services  in Yogyakarta always update official information on the towns annual ceremonies.



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